Who We Are

Total Medical Management is a medical service organization (MSO). We partner with health plans to offer comprehensive managed care to the community. Our goal is to provide quality, value added services to physician practices in Miami Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties.

Total Medical Management has 15 years experience managing physician practices, both from the health plan’s perspective as well as the provider’s perspective. This makes us successful in bridging the two perspectives into one cohesive, well managed, profitable line of business.

The Foundation of Our Business

What Makes Us Different

We take a proactive vs. reactive approach to management by actively monitoring MRA, MLR, and daily hospital admissions. Physician practices do not have the time to contact the hospital to make sure their patients have been seen in a timely manner or follow up on their progress but this is a small part of what Total Medical Management handles for a practice.

We take a hands on approach to management by continuously monitoring reports and addressing issues as they arise. We customize a delivery system for each practice that will help streamline the referral process in a cost effective but clinically sound manner. Total Medical Management is continually exploring cost effective measures for utilization.

Total Medical Management firmly believes in providing incentives for profitable performance. Our physicians provide the clinical expertise while Total Medical Management provides over 15 years of healthcare operations experience. Working together as a team to accomplish the same goal is a winning proposition.

As each of our practices grows, so does Total Medical Management. We are heavily involved in marketing each and every one of our practices. We sponsor and participate in events for the practice and we get the practice involved in various community events that will also help promote their practice. Our focus is the overall success of the practice, not a single health plan within that practice.

Total Medical Management is in tune to what our practices need and what they have issues with. Anything that helps the practice perform better, regardless of the nature, we are there to assist with, whether it involves IT services, EMR implementation, MRA/Billing needs, no matter what the need, we are there to help.

Our Management Tools

We take a hands on approach to managing all our lines of business. We use a series of tools and reports that help us stay proactive in addressing issues before they present a problem. Our focus is keeping the practice profitable while providing the quality of care our patients are accustomed to. We continuously monitor the Daily Admission Census and keep the practice informed. We provide all our practices with a customized delivery system, preferred formulary tools, MRA coding tools along with newsletter and updates in the healthcare industry. We have the ability to customize monthly health plan reports and provide practices with information on their ER frequency usage, high cost patient usage and PCP expenses, to name a few.

We are TOTAL MEDICAL MANAGEMENT and we strive to build strong, professional, long term relationships with businesses that have similar goals as ours and possess a mutual respect for the healthcare industry.